New Website to help with Business Growth

It’s so important your website is a reflection of where you want to take your business & brand. It should have a fabulous user experience and provide a good platform to market your personal brand or business.

Below are 8 reasons why you should perhaps revamp your website:

1. Branding

Having branding which leaves a lasting impression with your audience is a great way to gain attention and assist with the growth of your business . A brand refresh or rebrand can do absolute wonders.

Do you have Brand Guidelines? If not, this is a great way to anchor your brand direction and identity before moving forwards with your logo and / or website. Branding Guidelines is something we can help you with, so make sure you ask us about this!

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2. Old functionality

The digital world is forever evolving. Web functionality advances constantly, providing us with new tools and technologies for building an outstanding website.

You’ll notice that your audiences behaviour and preferences shift quickly, naturally being pulled to new trends and advanced features. As a result, us Business Owners need to be agile and pivot with the times.

3. Attracting the right customers

If you’re not receiving enquiries from your ideal target audience, perhaps you’re not positioning yourself correctly.

We need to refresh and adjust to attract the right customers. Your website plays a large part in this.

Revisit the galleries, content, sales pages and blog on your site. Update, remove and readjust where necessary. Showcase work which will bring in your target market, and ensure your content is consistent, including colours, fonts & icons.

5. Pages slow to load

Slow to load pages are a pain for everyone! If it takes longer than 5 seconds, then your audience will more than likely bounce from your site.

You may need to compress your images to make them smaller without losing the resolution. This is 1 way to quicken the page loading time.

6. SEO

Do you have a blog? This really helps with driving google traffic to your site.

Search engines love new fresh content; especially when they showcase topics your audience is searching to find someone like YOU!

Every time you update your site, Google and other search engines crawl and index your pages, helping your site ranking.

If you keep your content regularly updated along with quality editorial, you increase your ability of being noticed online. Then if you add beautiful branding and an amazing website, you’re definitely on your way to gaining higher brand awareness and enquiries / sales.

7. Mobile Responsive

All sites must be mobile responsive - this means that when you look at a website from your phone or tablet, it formats perfectly.

If your site doesn’t have this feature - you need to get yourself a new site now….. We can help you, so no need to stress.

Remember that well over 50% of website traffic is now via mobile devices, much of that traffic coming from Google and Social Media.

New Website to help with Business Growth

7. Visitors are bouncing

Log into your Google Analytics and check out your bounce rate. If your audience are landing and bouncing off your site - it means there’s something not quite right. Perhaps it’s your content, navigation or even the look and feel of your site.

A bounce rate which averages 40-60% is considered to be ok.

8. What action do I want visitors to take?

Most people leave off Call to Action links and buttons - eeeek!

Make sure these are strategically placed throughout your site. This is easy for you to do yourself and can make a very large difference to your business.

Avoid leaving your online visitors wondering what they need to do next. If it’s not subtle and intuitive, they’ll mostly likely leave your site and potentially forget to return! Ouch!!

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