Q & A with Founder, Alison Morgan

Q & A with Founder, Alison Morgan

Q: How do you start your day?

With gusto.... I get up each morning including weekends at 5am. I've always been an early riser who must exercise before the day starts.  Otherwise....the day doesn't pan out just right. There's something about routine which helps me find my rhythm.

I have 2 boys who run many mornings a week (Including Saturday's and Sunday's), which means I have to be up at 5am so I can exercise first.

I exercise via the ZOVA App in our studio, then I'm out the door most mornings at 6:20am to drop the boys at running. I'm always at my desk by 7:30am, or if I have an event quite often it's starting at a similar time.

Q: Coffee?

Piccolo please! And another...☕

Q: What's currently inspiring you?

Small Businesses going big. I'm Business Coaching many businesses which have been in operation for 8+ years. Many of these Business Owners have multiple businesses and a lot on the go. Because I'm in a similar situation, I'm really enjoying thinking bigger whilst keeping it boutique.

There are so many exciting Marketing Strategies which can be implemented for Business Growth. Segmenting the Marketing and applying strategic initiatives I also find really exciting and is fuelling my mind...

Q: Where do you draw design inspiration from?

I draw inspiration in everything rather than just one source. It's certainly a mixture of Pinterest, Instagram, events I attend, daily living and fashion. 

Because I work with so many businesses, this naturally means that I'm also dealing with a wide range of brands, personalities and offerings.

It's important that brands are unique and have an identity, so I'm constantly looking at what's surrounding me whether it's interior styling, colours, nature or anything in between.

Q: Colour you're currently loving...

Emerald Green. And if I'm allowed a 2nd colour, it's gold! Perhaps that's why Sticky's Logo ended up this way?!

Q: How do you multi-task when it comes to work?

I multi-task often. If I need to take a desk break, I'll often go for a 15 minute brisk walk and take a notebook with me to write what's in my head. 

If I have a speaking gig coming up, I'll often record me saying the speech - then listen to this while I'm walking as a form of preparation.

I'll edit my Podcasts while putting on my make-up (I have everything set up in close proximity so I can do this) and often do voice recordings as email responses so I can explain fully a solution I'm providing.