Tips for briefing in a new brand

Briefing in a new brand can be difficult. You're starting off with a clear slate, and the direction you go from here dictates so many values for your business. It's one of the most important elements of your Small Business or Personal Brand.

Below are 3 tips for briefing in your new brand:

Tips for briefing in a new brand

1. Understand your business / offering before you get started

As a Business Coach, I often see Businesses who have jumped to creating Marketing Collateral (logos, websites etc) before they truly understand their offering. One of my biggest tips is to create a clear understanding of your business offering before proceeding with Marketing Collateral. It will save you a bucket load of money & time, getting your business and branding on point the first time (as opposed to redoing your website before the business has even been launched).

You'll find loads of free content via my other business, Relauncher. I have a blog, podcast, run workshops and 1:1 Consultations. 

2. Start with your logo first

Starting with your logo will allow your brand to come to life. Know your target audience, and identify colours, fonts and brand personalities you are drawn to.

Creating a Pinterest Board and pinning colours, fonts and other logos will help you to create your own visual mood board. At first, you may find that you end up with many different types of styles within this one board. if you revisit the board several times over the course of a week or so, you can slowly narrow down what you feel represents your new logo and brand. 

Having this Pinterest Board will help to brief in your logo design, allowing the Designer to understand how you see your brand coming to life.

- Do you want your logo to just have the business name, or do you want to include a tag line?

 - Do you want to have a motif in your logo?

It's always helpful if you're able to provide the Designer approx. 3 design examples of what you like as part of the briefing stage.

3. Identify your deliverables

Know exactly what elements you need for your business. When briefing in a new brand, generally it's best to start with the Brand Personality, Logo and Website.

Business Cards used to be highly important for new businesses, however in today's society you can get away with not having these thanks to Social Media. If in doubt, you can always chat to Alison about this when you're ready to get started working on your brand.  

Creating your new brand is an exciting stage, so it's important that it's a fun process you enjoy. Being confident and having clarity around the personality of your brand is a fundamental step in building your business or personal brand. Through having a strong brand positioning means it'll be easier for you to communicate with your audience. The more succinct and articulate you are, the quicker your customers and clients will understand your offering and become compelled to connect with you.

Tips for briefing in a new brand

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